Egusi Soup


Egusi is my go to soup. it’s the first traditional soup in Nigeria that I learnt how to cook and I got it right the very first time. over the years i’ve played with this recipe and I have finally settled for this particular recipe i’m sharing. it’s a very quick recipe and all the flavour work perfectly well together to give you that amazing traditional egusi soup taste.



What you’ll need;

  • Ground Egusi (Melon seeds)
  • Vegetable (Ugwu)
  • Palm Oil
  • Onions
  • Beef
  • Crayfish
  • Knorr (Stock cubes)
  • Salt
  • Scotch Bonnet
  • 1 kg Goatmeat

Lets get started!

STEP 1 – I’ll be using goat meat for this recipe because I find that it really adds a lot of flavour and unique taste to the soup. Wash your goat meat and boil it in a pan with seasoning cubes, salt and onions. Cook the mean until its tender. It should take around 30 mins on high heat and once this is done, set the meat aside and get the stock because we’ll be needing it soon.


STEP 2 – Chop 1 onion and a few scotch bonnets and set aside. In a pan (preferably a non stick pan), pour about 4 tablespoons of palm oil. Let this heat up until the oil becomes opaque, then add your onions and scotch bonnet peppers and fry this for a minute. At this point you should add your ground egusi to the pan and let it form a paste-like consistency. Keep stirring it as the colour of the egusi turns yellow. Do this for 6-8 minutes


SPET 3 – Add your stock to the pan of egusi slowly while stirring it and making sure that it is frying. This is the point where you add in about 2 spoons of ground crayfish, salt and maggi/knorr cubes for taste. Let the soup boil for 30 minutes before you finally add your goat meat and ugwu. It is very important to let the soup cook very well. When the oil starts separating from the soup at the top that’s how you know its well done.


STEP 4 – Serve with Pounded yam! or any swallow of your choice. Pounded yam is definitely my go to. Make sure to serve the soup hot! And its ready!!!


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