Egusi Soup


Egusi is my go to soup. it’s the first traditional soup in Nigeria that I learnt how to cook and I got it right the very first time. over the years i’ve played with this recipe and I have finally settled for this particular recipe i’m sharing. it’s a very quick recipe and all the flavour work perfectly well together to give you that amazing traditional egusi soup taste.



What you’ll need;

  • Ground Egusi (Melon seeds)
  • Vegetable (Ugwu)
  • Palm Oil
  • Onions
  • Beef
  • Crayfish
  • Knorr (Stock cubes)
  • Salt
  • Scotch Bonnet
  • 1 kg Goatmeat

Lets get started!

STEP 1 – I’ll be using goat meat for this recipe because I find that it really adds a lot of flavour and unique taste to the soup. Wash your goat meat and boil it in a pan with seasoning cubes, salt and onions. Cook the mean until its tender. It should take around 30 mins on high heat and once this is done, set the meat aside and get the stock because we’ll be needing it soon.


STEP 2 – Chop 1 onion and a few scotch bonnets and set aside. In a pan (preferably a non stick pan), pour about 4 tablespoons of palm oil. Let this heat up until the oil becomes opaque, then add your onions and scotch bonnet peppers and fry this for a minute. At this point you should add your ground egusi to the pan and let it form a paste-like consistency. Keep stirring it as the colour of the egusi turns yellow. Do this for 6-8 minutes


SPET 3 – Add your stock to the pan of egusi slowly while stirring it and making sure that it is frying. This is the point where you add in about 2 spoons of ground crayfish, salt and maggi/knorr cubes for taste. Let the soup boil for 30 minutes before you finally add your goat meat and ugwu. It is very important to let the soup cook very well. When the oil starts separating from the soup at the top that’s how you know its well done.


STEP 4 – Serve with Pounded yam! or any swallow of your choice. Pounded yam is definitely my go to. Make sure to serve the soup hot! And its ready!!!




If you love bell peppers like me, you’ll definitely enjoy making these. I chose very simple ingredients that work well together because I wanted to make the recipe both simple and delicious. Also, this recipe can serve 5-6 peppers . Let’s get into the recipe now.

What you’ll need:

1 medium onion
Vegetable oil
5 Bell Peppers
80g mushroom
200g chopped tomatoes (in a can)
All purpose seasoning
370g ground beef
Garlic powder

Step 1: Boil some rice in a pot (you don’t need much, about 200g or even less should do). While your rice is boiling, prep your peppers by chopping off the top end, removing the core and all the seeds. Then roughly chop some onions and mushrooms.

Step 2: In a pan, heat about 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil. When the oil is hot, add the chopped onions and mushrooms and sauté for about 5 minutes. Season lightly with thyme

Step 3: Add the ground beef to the mixture, season with some garlic powder, salt and pepper. Allow to cook for a few minutes while stirring regularly, then add the chopped tomatoes and season with the all purpose. Allow to simmer for about 10 minutes. Add the cooked rice to the mixture and mix all the ingredients together.

Step 5: Then the fun part!!, stuff all the peppers and pop them on a baking dish, cover with foil, then allow to cook in a preheat oven at 200oC for about 20 minutes. Enjoy 🙂







There are so many recipes for Nigerian tomato stew, but I love how easy and tasty my method is.
In this post, I only concentrated on the actual tomato stew. I skipped the steps on how to make the meat stock. This is mainly because I think everyone has their own way of doing this, but let me know if you want me to include it and I’ll make an update to the post. Soooooo let’s get into the recipe already!

what you’ll need:

8 large tomatoes
2 large onions
4 red bell pepper
4 Scotch bonnet
chicken stock
2 Knorr cubes
curry powder
all purpose seasoning
vegetable oil

• Blend the tomatoes, onions, bell peppers and scotch bonnet in a blender until a smooth mixture is obtained. Now heat some vegetable oil in a pot and add the blended mixture when the oil is hot. Allow to cook for about 40 minutes.

• Add the tomato puree, mix thoroughly and allow to cook for another 15-20 minutes or until you get rid of all/most of the water in the mixture. Add the seasonings (any seasoning of your choice or those listed above) and and meat stock, then allow to simmer at low heat for 5 minutes.

• Then you can choose to add your fried or grilled meat in the stew or serve separately. There you have it! Enjoy cravers




I love love love churros! and I always have fun making them, because they are really easy to make and taste so great! Very basic ingredients needed and the recipe is straight forward. I’ll get into it now

What you’ll need:

  • 1 cup all purpose flour
  • 1 cup water
  • 1/3 cup unsalted butter
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 tbsp brown sugar
  • 1/3 cup sugar
  • 1 tbsp cinnamon


Step 1: Preheat some vegetable oil in a deep pan for about 10 minutes. While that is heating up, add the water, brown sugar, butter and salt in a separate saucepan on medium heat. Mix the ingredients until it comes to a boil

Step 2: Switch off the heat, add the flour and mix together. Add the egg and vanilla extract, then mix thoroughly until the dough comes together.

Step 3: Put the dough in a piping bag and make sure the nozzle is wide enough to create you desired size (I would have preferred bigger churros but the biggest nozzle I had didn’t do the job) . At this stage, you want to make sure the oil is at the perfect temperature; that way your churros don’t get soggy or burnt

Step 4: Put only a small amount of your mixture in the oil to test it, and then adjust the temperature if necessary. Once the temperature is perfect, squeeze some dough into the oil. It should cook for a few minutes and ensure that both sides are cooked evenly or until they have that nice golden brown colour.

Step 5: Transfer them to a paper towel to dry the excess oil and then mix the sugar and cinnamon together in a plate, and place the cooked churros into the mixture and ensure they are fully coated. There you have it!

I served my churros with strawberry syrup. Let me know if you need the recipe for that and I will be more than happy to share that here!

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Oreo Cookie Milkshake


This is definitely one of my favourite milkshakes of all time. It’s absolutely to die for! I remember when I was in Uni and Byron opened up in town, the only thing everyone ordered was Oreo Milkshake. Since then I’ve always wanted to recreate that thick creamy consistency and I think I’ve achieved that.

You’ll need;
4 Oreo cookie biscuits
6 scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream
1/4 cup Whole Milk

Put all your ingredients in a blender and blend it all up and that’s literally it!
To garnish it, you can put some whipped cream on the top of the glass and sprinkle some Oreo cookie crumbs over it.




If you love chicken and anything sticky, sweet, spicy and just beautiful then you’ll love these simple and easy honey bbq wings. It’s a great finger food or something to serve when you have guests around (a good substitute or addition to Nigerian Small chops 😉

What you’ll need:

  • 20 chicken wings
  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 teaspoon paprika
  • ½ cup honey
  • 1 teaspoon black pepper
  • 1 cup bbq sauce (smoky)
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1\2 teaspoon of thyme
  • All purpose seasoning
  • 1 teaspoon pepper
  • 1 spoon hot sauceimg_9945


Lets get started:

STEP 1: wash your chicken wings and set them aside

STEP 2: Mix your dry ingredients in a bowl (flour, paprika, black pepper, salt, garlic powder, dry pepper). Use a whisk or a fork to mix it thoroughly and make sure that the spices are well incorporated into the flour. This means that all your chicken wings would taste exactly the same! This is very important for consistency.

STEP 3: Line your baking tray with baking sheet. If you don’t have this, foil paper is a good substitute. Coat the wings in the dry mix of flour and spices, and lay them on the lined baking tray. Now place them into the oven and Bake at 200º for 40 minutes and make sure to place them in the middle of the oven otherwise you’ll burn them.img_9955

STEP 4: Mix in a separate bowl, 1 cup of bbq sauce, ½ cup of honey and 1 spoon of hot sauce. When the wings are done baking bring them out and let cool for 5 minutes. Then coat them in the bbq sauce and honey mix. Make sure it’s properly coated. Place them back on the baking tray and bake for another 8-10 minutes at 240º


Done! Bring them out of the oven and serve with any dips of your choice.

Puff Puff


I have a love-hate relationship with puff puff, not because I don’t love it, but because I have had so many epic fails when it comes to making it and I mean Sooooooo many lol. Sometimes I just want to give up but not to worry guys I’ve finally perfected the art of making this delicious appetizer /dessert/small chop. You see that’s why I love puff puff, you can make it into a fantastic dessert with some chocolate sauce on the side and you’re good to go. I hope you enjoy this one and P.s It doesn’t have to be perfect the first few times you try it!


You’ll need:

2 cups of flour

½ teaspoon of nutmeg

¾ cup of sugar

1 spoon of dried active yeast

¾ cup of lukewarm water



Step 1; Sift the flour to make it lump free. Mix all the dry ingredients together in a bowl and make sure it is well incorporated. Then add the lukewarm water bit by bit until you get a thick consistency but not so thick that it stops the yeast from rising.

Step 2; Cover the bowl with tin foil and place a towel over it. Now place this in a warm oven or outside in the sun so it can rise. Let it rise for about 45minutes

Step 3; Pour a lot of oil into a hot pan and let it heat up. After a few minutes, start scooping the puff puff mix into the pan. Scoop it with your hand in such a way that you form a ball shape when it fries. Let it fry on each side for about 30 seconds to 1 minute. Please do not fry on high heat otherwise you’ll be left with undone raw mix when you bite into the puff puff. Bring it out and place on kitchen towels to drain out the excess oil. And its done!



IMG_9594 2.jpg


These heart shaped shortbread biscuits are perfect for the valentine season and are super easy to make with just three items in your shopping basket!

You’ll need;

  • 225g plain flour
  • 75g caster sugar
  • 150g unsalted butter


Step 1: Mix all the ingredients together until a dough is obtained.

Step 2: Roll the dough out on a flat surface, ensuring it is not too thick or too thin. use any cutter of your choice to cut out shapes and place them on a baking tray.

Step 3: Place the tray in a fridge and allow to chill for about 10 minutes (this is not necessary if your dough is firm). Bake for 10 minutes in a preheat oven at 180ºC or until it’s nice and brown.

Step 4: Sprinkle some cater sugar on the cookies immediately they come out of the oven. There you have it!

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I love love love gizdodo. Its just one of those ones you can never go wrong with. The only problem is that I hate frying any sort of meat, which is necessary in this recipe. Now if you’re totally against frying meat you can grill your gizzards in the oven but if you can fry it then go for it! This recipe is definitely a Nigerian staple and the closest comparison to it is the Cameroonian Poulét dg! But I’m biased so I’ll pick gizdodo any day! Enjoy guys 🙂


You’ll need:

  • 500 g of gizzard
  • 5 large ripe plantains
  • 6 fresh tomatoes
  • 2 large onions
  • 3 scotch bonnet peppers aka Ata rodo
  • 1 green & red bell pepper
  • Vegetable oil for frying
  • 2 knorr cubes
  • Curry powder
  • Garlic powder
  • Salt
  • Thyme
  • All purpose seasoning


Step 1: Boil the gizzards with onions, 1 knorr cube and salt. As this is boiling, cut up your plantain into cube size pieces as you see in the picture above. Now heat up some vegetable oil to fry the plantain (don’t forget to salt your plantain)!

Step 2: Set the fried plantain aside and fry the gizzard after draining them. Don’t pour your stock away you’ll need it when making the sauce for the gizdodo. Now blend the tomatoes with onions and scotch bonnet, then chop up some onions, red and green bell peppers.

Step 3: So what I tend to do is to use the same oil I used to fry the gizzards to fry the sauce. Fry up the onions and chopped bell peppers and add the curry and thyme at this point. Now add the blended tomato mix and let this fry for about 6/7 minutes to dry up the tomatoes. Once the oil starts rising to the top you’ll know you’ve fried it well. Add your knorr cube, garlic powder and all purpose seasoning now and check the taste, you can add more seasoning to your taste. Pour some of the stock you saved earlier to make the sauce richer

Step 4: Now add the fried gizzards and plantain to the sauce and stir very well. Leave it for about 2 minutes then turn off the gas. And it’s done!


Strawberry and Nutella French Toast Rolls



This is my favourite midnight snack. very easy and quick to make and anyone can actually  make this!

You’ll need;

  • Bread 
  • Nutella (any other chocolate spread)
  • strawberries
  • 2 eggs
  • 3 tbsp milk 
  • 2tbsp butter 
  • 1/3 cup sugar 
  • 1 tbsp cinnamon 

WhatsApp Image 2017-01-22 at 20.52.21.jpg

STEP 1: Remove the crust from the bread and flatten the bread with a rolling pin. 

STEP 2: Spread the nutella on the bread and then add some pieces of sliced strawberries on one end of the bread. Roll the bread up and set aside.

STEP 3: Melt the butter in a pan and while its heating, mix the eggs and milk together in a bowl. In a separate bowl, mix the sugar and cinnamon. 

STEP 4: Cover the rolled bread in the egg and milk mixture and place in the pan. Allow to fry on medium heat until golden brown , ensuring you cook both sides. 

STEP 5: When the french toast is fully cooked, place it into the cinnamon and sugar mixture and ensure that it is fully coated. There you have it ! let me know how it goes 🙂  


Meat Pie



I can never get tired of meat pies. I literally love the combination of that moist minced meat and potato filling with the buttery pastry. I like making mini meat pies, that way I don’t feel too guilty having as much as I want! This is one of the easiest recipes to learn and the trick to nailing this recipe is getting the pastry right. I’ve definitely had times where my dough ended up in the trash but I’m glad I’ve been able to work out the perfect measurements to get that light and flaky dough.

You’ll need;

  • 250g minced meat
  • dices potatoes
  • 1 medium- sized diced onion
  • 2 medium-sized diced carrots
  • vegetable oil
  • seasoning of choice
  • 400g all-purpose flour
  • 200g unsalted butter
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1 large Egg (for Egg wash
  • water


STEP 1: Heat some oil in a pan, add the diced onions, some seasoning and stir until it becomes soft.

 STEP 2: Add the minced meat, some seasoning and allow it cook until it is well browned. Add the potatoes and carrots and then some water and cook until they become soft.  

 STEP 3: In a bowl, mix some flour with a little bit of water to make a paste. Add this into the filling and mix together to thicken the mixture and hold everything together. Remove the pan from heat and allow to cool.

 STEP 4: Add the measured flour, baking powder and butter into a separate bowl. Mix them all together until a crumble is obtained. Then slowly add cold water into the mixture while mixing until you get a stiff dough.

 STEP 5: Transfer the dough to a flat surface and knead it for less than 2 minutes. Cover the dough with a plastic wrap and pop that into the fridge for about 25 minutes. You can choose to do steps 1-3 during this time but I prefer to tidy things up during this time.


STEP 6: Roll out the dough on a flat surface, making sure it’s not too thin or too thick. cut the dough into circles using a circular shaped cutter and fill them with the meat filling (about a table spoon of the filling should do).

 STEP 7: Brush the ends of the the dough with a beaten egg. Close the pie and use a fork to seal it. Brush the surface of the pie with the beaten egg to give it that golden and glistening finish.

 STEP 8: Place them on a baking tray and pop that into the oven at 350OC for about 25 minutes or when the pastry is nice and golden….. and there you have it! Let me know how this goes when you try it under the comment section!


Strawberry and Banana Smoothie


Don’t you just love how simple yet sophisticated this looks…and it doesn’t even take much to make this recipe. Just 4 simple healthy ingredients and bam! Some of you may be wondering if you have to use greek yoghurt or honey… I’ll say its totally up to you, you can use any store bought sweetened yoghurt if you don’t want to add honey. I just prefer greek yoghurt because it’s a healthier option and I can have as much of this as I want without feeling guilty 😉

You’ll need;

  • 350 g Frozen Strawberries
  • 300g Frozen Bananas
  • 500g Greek yoghurt
  • 3 tablespoons of honey
  • Ice Cubes



Cut the frozen bananas and strawberries into pieces and place them into the blender. Add your Greek yoghurt or any yoghurt of your choice. Then add the ice cubes and the honey (add honey to your taste ) and simply blend this all up. And there you have it!