I was going away for the weekend and realised I had some boneless chicken breasts in my fridge that I didn’t want to come back to. I definitely had to try something new, quick and easy. I really didn’t take any measurements for this recipe because I honestly didn’t think I would share it here, but it turned out really good so I decided to put it up for you guys! I remember I had four chicken breasts, a bowl with the wet ingredients (eggs and buttermilk) and a separate bowl with the dry ingredients (breadcrumbs and coconut flakes).

What’ll need:

Boneless chicken breast




2 large eggs

coconut flakes

bread crumbs

vegetable oil


Step 1: Slice the chicken breasts, season them (I only used salt and loads of pepper for mine) and set aside.

Step 2: Crack the eggs in a bowl and add some buttermilk (maybe 2 cups will do). Mix together and set aside. In a separate bowl add some breadcrumbs and some coconut flakes. Make sure you have way moreeee of coconut flakes in the bowl.

Step 3: Heat up some vegetable oil in a deep fryer or deep frying pan to 160oc. Make sure the oil isn’t too hot to ensure that the chicken is thoroughly cooked.

Step 4 : Dip the chicken in the egg and milk mixture, then completely cover the chicken in the breadcrumbs and coconut flakes mixture. Place this in the pan to fry for a few minutes and allow to cool before serving.