Mango Popsicle


It’s Mango season in Nigeria so this is the perfect time to get ripe juicy mangoes. You can make this for your kids or whomever! Its hassle free and as refreshing as ever.

You’ll need

  • 10 Large mangoes
  • 1 Lemon
  • 1/4 Cup of Orange juice
  • popsicle mold


  • Cut the mango into cubes and allow to freeze overnight. Place the frozen mango cubes into a blender, squeeze in the juice of a lemon and pour in the orange juice. Blend until it becomes a thick smooth puree.
  • Pour the mango puree into the popsicle mold and freeze overnight. Then pull out the popsicle gently, and there you have it!
  • P.S you can add add any fresh fruits to your popsicle mold.